Writing Services

Everyone Wants to Be Understood

Humans have wanted to leave their mark on the world since the first cave paintings. What did those paintings mean? What were they trying to say? Look at me – I have a story to tell.

The ability to craft your story is powerful. If you can express yourself with the clarity and impact of a cave painting, you can connect with people everywhere. 

Blog Writing Services 

A blog isn’t merely content – it’s messaging. And what does a weekly missive message to customers? You’re offering them a complete service; you’re across the issues affecting them, you want to connect. Blogging is way to deepen customer relationships and boost business identity. 

Not only that, a blog is an investment in the future, inviting customers back to your home page and hearth of your business in perpetuity.

Why Don’t I Write a Blog Myself?

You could. If it’s something you’re passionate about, then, by all means, you should! But if the thought of selecting topics, conducting research and crafting a search-engine optimised yet pithy talking piece every week makes you anxious – delegate.

Leave Your Blog to the Experts

Expertise is the hallmark of civilisation. The first farmers in history didn’t also know how to make intricate pottery and brew a bowl of herbal medicine. No. They became experts at farming so that others could become experts at making pottery and brewing medicine.

Such it is with blogs. You don’t need to know how to do it all. You’ve got a company to run, for goodness sake. Leave the blogging to the people who specialise in blogging. You pay an accountant to do your accounts, a lawyer to draw up contracts, so why not hire a writer to blog?

How Can Someone Write a Blog For a Business That Isn’t Theirs?

Good question. This is what writers do. They research, collate and develop pieces to order. Writers are passionate about writing.

A good writer will ask questions first. Would you like a blog that reports on updates in your field? Would you prefer a thought-piece blog that examines hot topics? Would you like the tone to be serious? Light-hearted? Conversational? What would you like the blog to communicate? What is most important to you?

From there, a good writer will select a concept, conduct in-depth research, collate accompanying images, and if they’re worth their salt, write an original, engaging and search-engine-optimised blog.

How Do I Find The Right Writer for My Blog?

You may feel overwhelmed by the number of blog providers available. Most are inexperienced and ineffectual. Some may try to dazzle you with jargon and promise you the world. You need someone experienced, efficient and committed to delivering an excellent product every time. Paying a writer what they’re worth ensures you receive the best; it values your business and your clients. 

When you find a writer who fits, trust them. Most blogs require weekly or at least fortnightly posts. Readers come to anticipate updates. It’s this consistency and reliability that reinforces your messaging. Patchy blog deliveries, an occasional dispatch here and there, may do more damage than good. Invest in regular blogs and make a strong statement. 

Of course, the longer you employ a writer, the better the relationship. The right writer will want to understand your business culture and vision. Use your time wisely and outsource your company blog to someone who cares as much as you do.

What Can The English Room offer you?

  • Authenticity
  • Originality
  • Exceptional Content

I Can Provide Blog-Writing in the Following Industries:

  • Tourism / Travel
  • Education
  • Culture
  • Literature
  • Women’s issues
  • Entertainment
  • Lifestyle

My process includes:

  • SEO best practices (for keyword supplied by you)
  • Written in standard British/American English
  • Industry-specific research
  • Original and creative content
  • Between 600 – 800 words
  • Mix of posts based on inbound methodology (what people search for) and current affairs (trending topics in the field)
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Two unique stock images
  • Prompt delivery of blog as a word document attachment via email

About me:

  • 25 years’ Secondary High school English Teacher
  • Degree in Education, majoring in English
  • Founder of my own company and my own company blog
  • Native English speaker
  • Advanced written and spoken English skills
  • Advanced knowledge of WordPress
  • Published in journals/blogs/anthologies/online magazines
  • Prompt and effective client communication
  • Energy and Enthusiasm

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Let me help you tell your story. Let me help you leave your mark – choose The English Room for your blog.