Top Five Benefits of Online Learning

1. Study in Bed

The first benefit of online learning has to be that you can study in your PJs – surely. Not only that, you can study in bed, in your PJs. Better still, you can study lying down, in bed, in your PJs.

Gone are the long commutes, night-bus timetables and dressing for the heat, snow and rain. With most self-paced courses, you only need to do one thing – press play.

2. Set Your Own Pace

The second most important button in E-learning is the pause button. In terms of educational best practices, this one’s a Godsend! Everyone has wished to press pause on a real-time teacher at some time or another. Perhaps the concepts were too complex, or you missed an important step. Pressing pause allows you to self-pace (there’s that word again).

The pause button gives you control. It allows you to get the most out of Web-based learning because you know you best! It’s not as disruptive as a raised hand or as embarrassing as an entire class turning around to eyeball you. A pause button is a silent and anonymous way to ensure you get the most out of your learning.  

3. Made for the Modern Brain

Times have changed and so have our brains. Do you find yourself simultaneously scrolling your social media feed while watching TV? Do you put a book down after five minutes or keep fifty tabs open on your laptop at once? Today’s brains are multi-tasking beasts that consume information in short bursts of engaging content.

The people who design online courses know our brains have changed. Most courses are designed to hold your interest for short chunks of time. Does this mean they’re not as in-depth? Do they lack rigour? Not necessarily. Students are more likely to process the information by presenting content in easily digestible chunks. Not only that, they retain what they’ve learnt, and that’s a definite win.  

4. Don’t Study in Bed

Remember all that talk of studying while lying in bed? Well, that’s all well and good if lying in bed all day is your thing. But online learning also means you never have to sit still. One of the most restrictive aspects of traditional venue-based education is that it pins people to the spot.

Ever sat through a three-hour lecture and felt your limbs go numb? Online learning is the antidote.

Ever sat through a three-hour lecture and felt your limbs go numb? Online learning is the antidote. You can walk around. You can listen in the car. Heck, there’s nothing to stop you from putting in your earbuds and learning to make pottery while running along the beach. The ability to move helps learners previously disadvantaged. Even if it’s the ability to get up and make a coffee while watching an excellent instructor talk from your laptop on the kitchen table, this type of mobility is heaven for the active among us. 

5. Access to Excellence

The world’s best learning institutions have been notoriously difficult to access. Students had to jump through hoops to get in, but they also had to pay top dollar for the privilege.

Times have changed. Everyone has had to pivot to provide online learning. Online courses are no longer a niche offering. This has increased the standard of courses everywhere. When educators improve their online teaching methods, students win.

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6 responses to “Top Five Benefits of Online Learning”

  1. Finally someone adressing the 2022 way of learning.

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    1. I’m glad you found it relevant, Nichole. Thank you for reading.

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  2. Education delivery for the 21st Century. What an insightful explanation Brooke.

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  3. Sarah Stephen Avatar
    Sarah Stephen

    Ain’t that the truth!

    Thanks for sharing Brookie

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